This blog will be a place for reviews / discussions on A) arts events, mostly in and around Philly, where I live, but also wherever I might travel to, B) whatever bizarre books I read, and C) the meanings and implications of little-used but useful words, and the thoughts and prejudices and cultural oddities which they represent.

(Words like solipsism, miscegenation, tautology, taxonomy, ferrotype, truculent, gelid, mephitic, proprioception and ambit, to name a few – words which either we rarely hear, or which we hear fairly often, think we know what they mean, and don’t.)

Art, theater and literature remind us of the complexity, richness, and struggle of life; words give us the ability to understand and describe the world as it’s happening to us.


My name is Julius. I’m a writer, administrator, manager, patron of the arts, eater, breather and drinker living in Philadelphia. I look books with words better than picture books, but I’m starting to undertand pictures a bit more too.

I welcome comments, criticism, compliments, complaints and cupcakes.

My reviews have been published in multiple theater / arts blogs around the Philadelphia area. If you like what I write, why not ask me to write something for you?