Fringe draws to an end, and so does my coverage.

My previous article about Victor Fiorillo’s review of A Doll’s House – and the larger responsibilities of reviewers – was reposted on Phindie. Fiorillo responded – succinctly – and I have since submitted a response. Hopefully this will be a discussion rather than a duel, cuz he’s cleverer than I am.

I can’t even keep track of what I’ve posted here and what I haven’t. I love and hate Fringe right now. I’m excited to go back to something like normal time, if that ever every happens.

I’ve got an article on The Society, way behind the times you know, at Art Attack. And I spent Saturday “Fringe hopping” – four shows, four reviews at Phindie. Bastard Piece (which I loved), Emancipation Sweet (which kinda bored me), One Year (which rocked me) and Beyond the Light (which I was like eh).

I’m exhausted.

Here’s a picture of Lancelot killing a dragon:

Killin it dead!
A metaphor for your day, if you like