Well maybe I’m a bit behind the times.

I’m probably the last person to talk about Pay Up but here is my discussion: read it read it read it okay?

Thing is, I have to admit, walking out of Pay Up both my girlfriend and I were disappointed. I’m not gonna explain the show here, because so many people have, but there is a lot going on, and as an audience member, you often find yourself latching on to one element of a show to find meaning. And the one that both of us grabbed was the little shows – the eight beautifully performed little dramas, only six of which you get to see.

Where is the exchange of money for valuables more clear than when you're working customer service?
Well that sounds fair

Well, in the end, these are a bit sparse, even – it places – a bit predictable.

In a weird way, I think that this show is about disappointment, and anger, and irritation and impatience, and other negative emotions. Since life is a constant disappointment and irritation, we can hardly say it’s unfair. Art often attempts to create negative emotions – but the problem is that the initiated theater-lovers smile wryly, nodding to show that they get it, but only aesthetically – like a cheesy horror movie, we know what’s going on.  And the non-initiated don’t come back, or just say vaguely that they didn’t like it, but they aren’t sure why.

Give into the negative emotions, treat every moment of Pay Up as part of the drama, and you get a whole different story.