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Originally there was no baby, just boob. 16th century censors popped a baby in there because they were out of fig leaves.

New articles posted in various places.

This one here is about breastfeeding. A local Philadelphia photographer, Tammy Bradshaw felt drawn to add some reality to her work.

Specializing in family photography, Tammy is often asked to photograph women breastfeeding their infants. “But never in public,” says Tammy – always at home, or in beautiful green landscapes.

Tammy, who had struggled with doubt over whether or not it was okay to beastfeed her daughter Rayna in public, has created an exhibition of black-and-white woodprint photos of women feeding their children. The women are in some well-known Philadelphia locales, and her gorgeous images point out that there is nothing controversial about feeding a child.

Pay attention to the comments at the bottom. Unlike on the articles I have published about gay theater, when the trolls came knocking, some less bigoted readers went to bat for the piece, and seem to have won a rational battle. Compare with the stream of distasteful comments which followed this one.

Meanwhile, talking about GayFest!, I have a review of their opening production here, at Phindie, whom I’ve just hooked up with to cover the huge influx of theater coming over the next couple of months with GayFest! and FringeArts, is a bright, fresh, new blog created to review and support Philly’s independent theater. They’ve re-posted some of the articles from this blog, too. Which is nice.

I actually wish I owned this.
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