Antics abounding
Mal Whyte as Philippe, Peter DeLaurier as Henri, and Dan Kern as Gustave

Geriatric antics, my latest article at Art Attack, appeared yesterday. Thanks for reading it, if you do!

This makes six articles for them, which sets them up as the publication I’ve written the most for—except for this, my own blog.

Is writing for a publication different from writing for yourself?

For me, the only difference seems to be that I know exactly what I’m writing and who I’m writing for (I know that should be “whom” and I don’t care—nobody says “whom”). Where with the blog I constantly vacillate over how professional I should be, how funny I should be, how measured or how careless; how long or short an article should be . . . when I’m writing for a publication I know precisely what they want.

Which is nice. I have a tendency to prevaricate with form and quality, when left to my own devices.

The conclusion of this play, Heroes, which you’ll read all about in the article, made me think of a line from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Stoppard’s famous first play: “It would have been nice to have had unicorns.”

Except that, rather than recognizing the both impossibility and the niceness of unicorns (the two basic things about unicorns), Heroes indulges the fantasy, and suggests that we should too.